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The Outstretched Arm, a publication of the National Center for Jewish Healing, contains articles that explore the healing dimensions from a variety of diverse voices and a broad range of personal challenges. Articles cover a range of topics including teachings relating to the theme of the issue, personal journeys of healing, rituals, wise sayings, Torah commentary, community resources and publications, and updates from the healing network.

Each issue is either 8 or 12 pages in length.

You can order individual issues, or get the complete set in a binder!

Title Year
A Loss Worthy of Grief: Jewish Approaches to Bringing Comfort after Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Neonatal Death [Download PDF] Fall 2010/ 5771
Addiction, Recovery and Jewish Healing Summer 2008/ 5768
Shabbat and Healing Summer 2006/ 5766
Shavu’ot and Healing Spring 2005 / 5765
The Crisis of Divorce 2004 / 5764
Caretaking Winter 2002 / 5763
Jewish Principles of Care for the Dying Winter 2001
Forgiveness and Healing Fall 2000 / 5761
The Masks of Purim Fall 2000 / 5761
A Counting Hallel for Hanukkah Winter 1999 / 5760
Black Fire Upon White Fire Fall 1999/ 5760
What Are The Questions?
- An issue related to Passover
Spring 1999 / 5759
Sukkot Fall 1998 / 5759
Counting the Omer
- An issue related from Passover to Shavuot
Spring 1998
Rosh HaShannah: New Beginnings Fall 1997
Lahma Anya: Bread of Affliction Spring 1997
Great Miracles: Eight Healing from/for Hanukkah Fall 1996
Rafaeinu 1996
- A summary of a conference related to Healing and the Rabbinate.
Spring 1996
A Journey Into Healing
- An issue related to the High Holidays.
Fall 1995
A Passover Journal Spring 1995 / 5755
Completing the Circle
- An historical issue, related to both the High Holidays and visiting the sick
Fall 1994
Feasting for Freedom: The Unasked Question Spring 1994
To Heal the World: To Heal Ourselves Fall 1993
Letters To (and From!) God
- An issue with personal prayers
Winter 1992/93
Sukkot: Redemption, the Harvest, and Healing Fall 1992
The Haggadah and Healing Spring 1992
Drawing the Map
- The building blocks of the Jewish healing Movement
Fall 1991

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