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Opportunities for on-going learning, spiritual renewal and professional development:

Below is a list of Jewish programs offering:

  • Accredited and non-accredited training for professionals
  • Programs for lay leadership
  • Teacher training programs in meditation, spiritual direction, and other disciplines
  • Opportunities for personal spiritual renewal
  • Enriching learning opportunities

Hebrew College

Non-denominational rabbinical school in Boston, MA. Rabbi Sharon Cohen-Anisfeld, Dean of the Rabbinical School.

Chochmat HaLev, Berkeley, CA

Provides local classes and retreats on Jewish meditation and spirituality; has a "Jewish Meditation Instructor's Training Program"; has a year-long self-paced guided learning program called "Exploration in Jewish Healing" (healing and shamanic practices within Judaism).

CLAL, New York

CLAL contracts with local organizations to offer seminars in communities across North America. Jewish spirituality and healing is one of the many subjects offered. It also makes it possible for individuals and groups to study with faculty through internet based courses. Contact Rbregman@clal.org or call 212 779-3300.

Directory of Local Healing Centers
NCJH Directory of Local Healing Centers

Jewish Healing Centers offer conferences, trainings and opportunities for spiritual renewal. Contact information found on this site.

Elat Chayyim, New York

A Jewish spiritual retreat center in New York state with a wide range of programs offering opportunities for growth and transformation. Also offers training programs in meditation, Jewish Spiritual Direction (Lev Shomeya), chant group leadership, prayer leadership and others. Wonderful Shabbat and holiday retreat opportunities.

HaMakom, Israel

HaMakom in an intentional community and retreat center for the study of the expression of Hebraic wisdom.

Healthcare Chaplaincy-Jewish Institute of Pastoral Care (JIPC), New York City

JIPC is a "pastoral education and research program that operates in the context of Jewish tradition and appreciation for Jewish values". If offers professional training for chaplains as well as ongoing peer supervision, professional development, and research.

Mussar with Alan Morinis

Opportunities to study mussar with Dr. Alan Morinis (author of Climbing Jacob's Ladder) and colleagues; Offers a distance learning course called "The Course on Mussar", conferences, tapes, and more

Morei Derekh Program for Jewish Spiritual Direction — Yedidya Center
or email amy@yedidyacenter.org A distance learning and training program for Jewish spiritual direction. Includes study of theory and practice of Spiritual Direction, with intensive exploration of how this practice may be grounded in Jewish text, ritual, and prayer.

Makom, New York City

Makom: The Center for Mindfulness is a program on meditation and spirituality at the JCC in Manhattan.

National Center for Jewish Healing and Jewish Healing Centers

Jewish Healing Centers offer conferences, trainings and opportunities for spiritual renewal. Contact information found on this site.


Provides continuing educational programming to professionals (nurses, social workers, clergy, etc.) who work to promote health, wellness, and healing among Jews.

Siegel College of Jewish Studies, Cleveland, OH

Offers an accredited Master's program in Jewish spirituality, called "Ruach: The Jewish Spiritual Master's Program", under the direction of Yaacov Travis and the Ruach Foundation (direct link www.jewishspirit.org)

The Institute for Jewish Spirituality

Offers "retreat-based programs of study and practice for rabbis, cantors and educators who seek to deepen their own spiritual lives and their abilities to develop as leaders and spiritual guides for others". Provides "information on year-long spirituality groups for Jews to explore their spiritual journeys in a Jewish context".

Yakar Center for Tradition and Community, Israel
The Yakar Center for Tradition and Community is a center for education, social concerns and spiritual expression which reaches out to all.

Jewish Connections Programs

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