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Jewish Spiritual Companion for Medical Treatments
This superb 68 page booklet includes modern and traditional Jewish resources as well as the voices of fellow travelers, intertwined with contemporary insights on health and healing. A collaborative project of the Twin Cities Jewish Healing Program, JFCS of Minneapolis, MN and the National Center for Jewish Healing, JBFCS.

With Sweetness from The Rock
By Rabbi Stephanie Dickstein, LMSW
When an individual becomes seriously ill or frail, family members and friends enter the world of caregiving. Anyone who has taken on this responsibility encounters a range of intense emotions and a variety of challenging demands. This resource is designed to be a companion for caregivers, offering spiritual support drawn from Jewish tradition, ancient and modern texts, and the experience of fellow travelers. The author has organized With Sweetness from The Rock around seven Jewish themes which reflect the different experiences of caregivers as they go on this journey. [Order Form]

Healing of Soul, Healing of Body: Spiritual Leaders Unfold the Strength and Solace in Psalms
Edited by Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub, LCSW. (Jewish Lights 1994)
A source of solace for those who are facing illness, as well as those who care for them. These Psalms and the inspiring commentaries that accompany them offer an anchor of spiritual support.

When the Body Hurts the Soul Still Longs to Sing
A prayer booklet of heartfelt blessings for times of illness (written by Jewish laywomen). A loving gift for anyone needing spiritual uplift in the midst of illness.
$4.00 ($3.25 for 10+, $2.75 for 50+)

With Healing on Its Wings
Masorti Publications, London.
A healing collage of selections from the Shabbat and weekday liturgy, Genesis, Psalms, Talmud, medieval and contemporary Jewish literature.

A Leader's Guide to Services and Prayers of Healing
A helpful guide to walk you through some of the central practical issues involved in planning and running a service of healing, whether it be free-standing or incorporated into a traditional service. Sample service included.

Mi Sheberakh Card
An artfully designed card with a short introduction and full Hebrew text; it offers separate masculine and feminine transliteration accompanied by an English translation on an attractive fold-over card that is small enough to fit in your pocket.
$1.50 ($1.00 for 10+, $.75 for 25+, $.30 for 100+)

Evening and Morning: A Circle of Prayer
A beautiful bikkur holim card, containing traditional prayers to say at bedtime and upon awakening, transforming moments of anxiety into comfort and reassurance and giving expression to vulnerability, fear, hope and gratitude. Attractively designed prayer card includes introductions, original Hebrew, moving translations and selected transliterations.
$2.00 ($1.50 for 50+, $1.25 for 100+, $1.00 for 1000+)

Guide Me Along the Way: A Jewish Spiritual Companion for Surgery
By Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub, LCSW with Rabbi Aaron M. Lever
A 60-page Jewish guidebook with poetry, prayers, folktales, personal narratives, practical advice, healing activities and meditations to help patients, family members, clergy and health care professionals through the surgery experience, from leaving home to the year anniversary of an operation.

Jewish Principles of Care for the Dying
A special edition of our newsletter The Outstretched Arm from the winter of 2001. A collection of resources related to Jewish ways of looking at death and the dying process including articles on ethical wills and hospice care, Jewish teachings about death through the ages, the vidui prayer, and thoughts about the afterlife. Includes personal narratives, text study, prayer and ritual, as well as guidelines for those who visit, care, and comfort.

The Outstretched Arm
An 8-12 page publication that explores themes in Jewish healing. Articles from diverse voices cover a range of topics, including teachings on specific concepts, personal journeys of healing, rituals, wise sayings, Torah commentary, community resources, and updates from the healing network. [See Titles & Order Form]

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